Concrete Deck is Poured for Span 2

Last week the construction site was lined with trucks delivering concrete for the first span to be installed over the Northbound lanes of I-95.

Some 328 cubic yards of concrete was poured to form the deck. A couple dozen workers guided the flow of concrete over rebar and vibration equipment was used to remove air pockets before the concrete cures.

Workers guide concrete over rebar. Vibration equipment is used to remove air pockets.

The contractor finishes the top of the concrete by making it a smooth surface.

The sidewalk and parapet (green rebar on right) will be poured after the bridge is in place.

The sidewalk and parapet (green rebar on right) was not poured because it would add too much weight to the bridge before lifting it into place. This section of the bridge will be completed in the weeks after the spans are installed.