Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the route 1 (east main st) bridge being replaced?

The bridge has reached the end of its lifespan and is in poor condition.  

will I-95 be closed to construct the Route 1 bridge over the interstate?

No. I-95 motorists will shift onto temporary roadways at Exit 9. For more information, see I-95 Detour Map.

Will there be long delays on I-95 during construction weekends?

Yes. When three-to-four lanes of traffic at highway speeds are reduced to two lanes at 20 mph, it will create long backups. Motorists are encouraged to use alternate routes.

What is the Route 1 detour route?

During construction weekends, traffic will be diverted off of Route 1 onto Courtland Avenue and Hamilton Avenue. For more information, see Route 1 Detour Map.

Can I exit or Enter I-95 at Exit 9 during construction?

No, Exit 9 will be closed to exiting and entering traffic on both construction weekends. Traffic exiting I-95 should use Exit 11 and follow detour signs to Exit 9. For traffic entering I-95, travelers should follow detour signs to Exit 11.

How long is the Route 1 detour route?

The detour route is one mile. Travel on city streets will be slower than on state Route 1 as some of the route is narrower, with stop controls.

Will I be able to use the Route 1 bridge over I-95 during the week between construction?

Yes. The road will be reopened to traffic by the morning of Monday June 3rd and will remain open until the evening of Friday June 7th.

What is Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)?

ABC is an innovative building technique that significantly reduces the amount of time required to replace a bridge. Bridge components are built ahead of time and then fit together during construction. This off-site work allows for speedier project completion, reducing impacts on the traveling public. For this project, the two bridge spans will be built in their entirety and then fit into place, one span over the weekend of June 1-2, the second span on the weekend of June 7-8. If this bridge were replaced using traditional construction methods, the project would take approximately two years.

Has CTDOT used ABC construction before?

Yes. CTDOT previously used ABC to replace two I-84 bridges in Southington and Route 8/25 in Bridgeport. The method used for the Southington project is similar to what will be done in Stamford. View time lapse video of Southington project below.

What is the cost of the project?

The total contract price for replacing the bridge is $15 million.

Who is completing the construction?

CTDOT has contracted with O&G Industries for this project.

Is there a pedestrian detour?

Yes. Pedestrians can use an existing walkway that connects Seaside Avenue to Courtland Circle, Blatchley Road, and Route 1. The pedestrian detour adds about a half-mile to the walking route. For more information, see Route 1 Detour Map.

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